How to Create a Logo Design for The Digital Era?

How to Create a Logo Design for The Digital Era?

Logos and other visual bodies determine the brand value of any business. All universal companies invest a lot of money and time creating awesome logos. The primary purpose of a logo is to relay a particular message about that brand.

The methods of designing company logos have changed in the modern digital era. But in the pre-digital era logos followed a particular design standard. Today social media has taken over the traditional concepts of branding.

Tips for creating a logo design for the digital era

Clean and simple logo design.

One of the essential qualities and characteristics of a good logo is to be clean that is, it isn’t cluttered and to have a simple design. In the digital era, it’s advisable to create logos that are clutter free, and this will enhance their appearance on a medium device such as a mobile phone. Logos like these will be appealing in websites and should match well with web design.

Create a logo that’s flexible

Your business logo will appear in most digital channels. Hence it’s important to consider the whole branding process when creating your logo. The consumers can get access to channels and digital touch points. They want to personalize specific logos and use the information in their desired way. Also, other companies are having their logos available in animated form.

Design your logo for mobile

Marketers understand the importance of mobile apps in the modern business world. They want to put in place a mobile brand strategy. Over the years mobile has made its impact on the logo design. The reason is that the marketers relate the mobile with the customer experience. Hence when designing your logo, it’s important to consider the user experience.

Create a message with your logo

A logo design can be very appealing due to the bright colors, but it will be of no importance if it doesn’t send the right message. Most people look for a message in a logo. They will look for it immediately after they see the logo. Hence it’s important for your first consideration when creating a logo design to be the message it will convey.


Your logo design in the digital area should be created such that it can cater to different resolutions, other electronic media, and social media. The logo designers take into considerations special requirements in shape, color, and typefaces when they are designed for digital conditions making them different from other logos.


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