Steps in Creating a Powerful Logo

Steps in Creating a Powerful Logo

Successful companies such as Apple, Pepsi, and Nike have one thing in common that is their clients can quickly recognize them because of the unique logo. A successful logo is one that is simple, and represents the company that it’s made for. An excellent logo requires Money, time and effort to create. Below are the steps by which you can create or design a great logo.

  1. The design brief

The first step when creating a logo is called the design brief, and this is when the logo designer discusses the project in details with the client. The designer is supposed to gather every little bit of the information from the client. The data will help the designer in knowing where the logo will be used and on what scale or capacity.

  1. Researching

After the designer has gotten the required information, she then goes to step 2 which is the research stage. In most cases, clients find it hard explaining to the designer with word of mouth about the primary objective of the logo. The designer must source out for any relevant information from the client. The designer is also supposed to carry out market research for both the firm and its competitors. Examining other companies might help in determining which are some of the best logo styles.

  1. Brainstorming

You should always remember that designers are different. But recognizing keywords which are related to the company and its service or product is a common practice for most designers when in the creative process. The keywords are often used in inspiring the outward appearance of the business. Once the ideas start flowing on the page in the form of texts, then the shapes and visual symbols will begin to form.

  1. Draft production

 The draft production starts after ample time has been spent in sketching and researching. The designer then uses Adobe illustrator which is a vector program used for drawing. The ideas that were brainstormed will now be transferred into the computer for recreation. The ideas will then come to life after the addition of color and detail, and they will be modified until they are in line with the client’s expectations.


Though successful logos may appear to be simple on the outside creating them can be a hard task. The process of designing a logo is time-consuming with a lot of phases for development that is required to produce an excellent final product. It’s a combined process that requires both the client and designer to have excellent communication.


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