How to Win a Logo Design Award?

How to Win a Logo Design Award?

Think you can’t win a prize for your logo design work? Well, think again.  If you are a logo maker or designer, there are thousands of awards to be won. From small competitions to major industry competitions like Yellow Pencil, winning an award can boost your morale and even get you, new clients.

You need to strategize before you enter into any logo design competition. The below tips will give you a better chance of winning that award that you have set your eyes on.

Tips for winning a logo design award

1) Choosing the right awards

 It’s vital for you to select the right awards. For example, if you are starting out, it will be quite impossible for you to win the Yellow Pencil award. Research around the internet and look for small beginner awards that you can start with that suite your talents, skills, and age. There are many small awards that you can begin with, and once they are won, they can look great placed as a badge on your site or cv.

2) Run a background check on the primary purpose of the awards

It’s essential for you first to run a background check to determine the primary goal of the competition.

Is it a large company that solely depends on membership support? Or is the competition aimed at attracting visitors to their website? Whatever the competition conduct research, it will help in case you decide to prepare for your entries or when creating a beautiful piece of work.

3) Know who are the judges

If you want to have high chances of winning, it’s important for you to know who the judges are. Research each one of them and their past works. Check their social media feeds to identify the types of work that they are most interested in. Now, doing so won’t guarantee you that you will win that logo design award. Nevertheless, knowing their taste and preferences can assist you in shaping your entries appropriately.

4) Understand the different types of logo design categories

If you are entering a big competition, then there are many and varied categories such as D&AD and BIMA. Ensure you select the appropriate category for your entry. This may not be a problem if you are entering a small competition. To ensure that you don’t waste any entry reread all the entry requirements and definitions to ensure that you don’t miss out on any entry.


Winning an award whether small or big can significantly affect your work positively. It will boost your morale and also acquire you, new clients. But if you miss out on an award don’t give up, try your luck the following year.


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